Family Camping Holiday


For those busy with the hectic life at home, a family camping holiday is a time to relish as it brings the entire family together to spend some quality time with each other.

Family vacations can be a wonderful way to spend quality time. Many families take their vacation during the summertime when adults can take a week or more off from work and children are out of school for the vacations. There are many choices for families when it comes to vacation including:

Amusement parks

Visiting family

State parks

Tropical islands



Of all of these choices, to go on a camping holiday is usually the least expensive and the one that every family should try at least once. There are many ways to go on a camping trip. Families can:

Camp in tents

Rent a cabin

Rent an RV

After considering all of these variables, you will have to make a choice as to how to camp. Tents, cabins, and RV’s each have their own pros and cons when it

Great Family Camping Trips


A wonderful way to invest in your families’ treasure trove of memories is by spending time in the great outdoors. Camping trips can be an excellent tradition that your family will look forward to and in time, look back upon with fond memories.

Whether you plan to camp at the same place every year or seek out new places doesn’t matter as camping is always filled with new adventures. Your family might have a favorite place you go to every year mixed with a new spot you select together for another weekend or extended holiday during the year. There are so many national parks to explore; your options really are quite limitless.

Camping doesn’t have to be an overly expensive expenditure. Again this all depends on how you’ll be camping. Camping in a tent carries a completely different dynamic than camping in a fully equipped camper. Camping in a tent is also relatively inexpensive. Perhaps the camper is something you’ll decide to invest in after a few years of tent camping, then again

Family Boating Trip Tips


Thinking of buying a boat? Many people already know that a boat can really give people the opportunity to relax in the outdoors with friends and hiking for family. Spending time on the water can be a great way to relax.

Boat-owners may actually save money over time as taking the boat to the lake is usually less expensive than theme parks and other summertime activities.

Spending time on a boat with your family trip can really bring you back together. If you feel that your family has been going in different directions lately, consider a boating trip. There are lots of things to do on a boat, such as fishing, tubing, swimming, or just cruising. No matter which you do, you’ll be doing it together.

Perhaps the best thing about a family boating trip is that there are no distractions. You can tell stories, laugh at jokes, talk, or just enjoy the scenery in silence. The most important thing is that you’ll be creating new memories with the people who are most

References of Places and Top 10 Things to Do in Bali

Bali becomes one of the best place to visit. The whole island can be great destinations to visit. Of course, many things can be enjoyed and visitors can do a lot of things in this island. Its culture and natural views become the great things to offer. Surely, a week will not be enough to enjoy the great things offered by this island. Among those things, there are top 10 things to do in bali and those are about visiting the places in Bali. There are top ten best destinations and those will be great things to do. In this case, the first option is the Tanah Lot. Tanah Lot is a great temple in Bali. This temple is located on the top of rock and it is surrounded by the sea. Visitors can visit the temple and enjoy the wind from the sea. They can also enjoy the moment of reaching the temple by crossing the water. Of course, sunset can be done in this place.

Then, the second destination to visit is the Uluwatu. This is also a temple and it becomes one of the most important temples in Bali. In this temple, visitors

Family Vacation In Cochin And Some Good

Cochin is located on the west coast of the Indian sub-continent and is known for its natural harbors which make it a well renowned port city. During your Cochin family vacation, you can enjoy catching a glimpse of its natural harbors and many architectural buildings which are a treat to watch. There are many family Cochin hotels that could make a vacation memorable.

On a Cochin family vacation, you can start exploring the city by visiting its many architectural sites and museums like the Mattancherry Palace, Hill Palace of Tripunithura and the Santa Cruz Basilica. To update your children about some religious sites of Cochin, you can take them to St. Francis CSI Church and Paradesi Synagogue. There are many theme and water parks where full family enjoyment can be ensured making your evening a thrilling one like a visit to the Vega Land Amusement Park. A trip to the Greenix Village can also be planned if you want to experience a live and wonderful demonstration of Kerala’s dance, art form and culture. Apart from these, you can even hit the Cherai beach where kids can enjoy the backwaters while you take a

Camping Experiences Are Good

Camping with the family can be the most exciting, learning, enjoyable experience. It can bring a family closer together and there is nothing more relaxing as getting outdoors in clean, fresh air to bring relaxation to everyone.

Whether you choose to tent camp, or use an R.V., camping is a family project. Everyone can pitch in to plan and get things ready for the trip. You can choose a place to go fishing and swimming, or to hear music at a bluegrass festival, travel camping, camp near hiking trails. There are endless suggestions on where to go camping.

Prepare to take as many things with you as needed for a content trip. See if there are small towns or stores nearby to purchase extra items, or things you may forget.

Camping can be fun when you take a bicycle along to ride and enjoy the surroundings. Fishing equipment and swimming apparel if you will be camping near a river or stream. Take a camera or video camera along to get all of the shots or movies for the memory book.

Camp fires are delightful

Things You Can Do to Make Sure It s a Fun Family Trip

There’s really nothing more exciting than rounding up the gang together for a fun family trip. As summer takes a firmer grip on the days, one of the best (and certainly kid approved) ways to celebrate is with a road trip. As a classic way to gather the whole crew up for a week or so of bonding, the road trip is often overlooked as an activity that needs planning because the destination will offer up the fun. However, as it’s often said: getting there is half the fun! Keep these awesome 10 things in mind when your family adventure rolls around.

1. Pack fun car games to keep the family entertained

Keep a variety of giggle inducing games that are car friendly to keep boredom away. You’ll never have to hear another “Are we there yet?” from your squirmy kids in the backseat. A few ideas for games for your family fun trips are Mad Libs, I Spy, Car Bingo, and Name That Tune.

2. Pack yummy snacks for the road

Don’t rely on the roadside convenience stores to satisfy your snack attacks.

SC Sailing Trips

If you are looking for the perfect vacation you don’t want to miss out on an adventure of a lifetime. If you are in the Charleston, South Carolina area you will want to set aside some time to take a sailing trip. This is an exciting and fun experience for all. There are no crowds, just you and your family or friends sailing the ocean blue.

Your skipper will share the folk lore of the area while you are busy watching the dolphins swim along side your boat. You will also be able to see some of the other wildlife that is in this area. What a wonderful adventure to embark on, sailing trips Charleston, SC in the amazing Atlantic.

There are many charter companies available for this adventure and you have your choice. You may just want to sail and see the marine wildlife, or you may choose to go on a private island picnic and shelling adventure. Whatever your choice you have the opportunity to enjoy all that you would like.

For the entire family you may want to choose a day fishing tour as

Family Camping Or Camping With Children Makes Family Reunions

Family reunions or family camping can be a lot of fun and doing them at a campsite can add to the enjoyment. Family reunions can be done at many different locations depending on the length of the time spent together. Family reunions done at a campsite are often called family camping. Camping with children can be a rewarding experience even for those who aren’t used to children.

Why organize a family camping trip instead of going to a resort or someone’s house?

A family camping trip is less expensive than a resort and permits everyone to have their own spot instead of sharing. This is important as not everyone wants to be with family all the time for a few days. Remember, one of the reasons for a reunion is people sometimes have conflicts with other members. The ability to have their own place reduces the stress.

Why a family camping trip might be a bad idea.

  • Family camping frequently means using public restrooms and showers. Not everyone enjoys this.
  • Some members of the family may have expensive RVs. This can be viewed with distaste by those who can’t afford them.
  • Not everyone sleeps well in

West Coast Road Trip Day

This article is day seven of an eight part series featuring a great American family road trip. Traveling and “stepping outside the box” are essential for staying inspired and living a complete life. This west coast road trip was the most visually exciting trip I’d been on in a long time. On day seven, we ventured south on Highway 1 from the beautiful Carmel, California and onward to Santa Monica.

After getting one last look at the Carmel City Beach, we left town early on a Friday in August. It was hard to leave on that cool, cloudy morning. It didn’t take long for the beautiful coastline to work its magic as we ventured south down Highway 1 from Carmel. We saw dramatic, rugged cliffs; winding roads, steep hills, beaches, campgrounds, wind-blown trees, a lone surfer, and a few houses and gift shops.

On our way south, we came upon a funny realization. About every 10th car we passed was a Ford Mustang! From Carmel south, no automobile made its presence known more.

We found that Big Sur Coastal Highway, which gets its name from the Spanish

Low Cost Family Fun Day Trips

Frequent short trips are a great alternative to a longer family vacation. You might be surprised at the number of interesting and fun places where a family can go for one day without breaking an already overextended budget.

Besides cost savings, frequent day trips can be more relaxing than one long distance trip trying to see and do everything before it is time to go home, exhausted and broke.

Museums are a great destination for a family day trip. Though often overlooked, there are many entertaining alternatives to the dark museums with dusty stuffed animals and mannequins supposed to represent some type of village people. Many museums are open year round so weather is not a concern.

When I was in charge of a summer program for children called, Know Your City, we would load six to twelve year old kids into vans and explore different places every week day for two weeks. Some kids signed up for another session because they liked the places they visited. More than half of our trips were to museums, only repeated by popular demand.

Undoubtedly, you will

Unite The Family With A Caravan

I believe the best way to combine adventure with the comforts of home is with a family caravan trip. Caravan trips is the term used mostly in Australia and the UK but in the US it’s called RVing, recreational vehicle camping, or sometimes trailer-camping. It’s actually a very broad term used somewhat differently in the US vs. in the UK and Australia so let’s look at some of its characteristics, some similarities and a few of the differences..

Originally, many hundreds of years ago, the word caravan meant a group of camels or other type of pack animal going long distances from point A to point B and transporting goods and/or pilgrims in the Middle East.

It’s different nowadays of course. Now a caravan usually refers to a vehicle, usually built on a truck chassis (i.e. frame) with a living accommodation built onto the back which will have, at a minimum, some sleeping spaces. Depending on the size of the unit, it could also have a small kitchen, tables, sitting area and even a bathroom/shower facility.

In the US you’ll find all different sizes of these caravan

Group and Family Fun Trip

If you are planning on bringing your children to Rome, the best times are early spring or late fall, when the weather is just perfect.

Italians love to have children around and be sure that your children will be made very welcome everywhere you go. Children are warmly welcome in Pizzerias and trattorias where high chairs are often available for toddles and babies.

Most of these places don’t rule out the fact that children eat only half-portions or share meals. The most amusing pizzerias for kids are the old fashioned ones. Here they can watch the chefs pound, stretch, and flip the though in the air which is something different they will always remember!

The nightlife of Rome has never been as diverse and exciting as it is today. In recent years, the number of bars and clubs have increased to cater for a more demanding clientele. Rome now offers a large variety of new places in the centre of the city and Testaccio to satisfy all tastes and budgets.

Another developed popular way is to simply relax with friends and enjoy a nice

Top Ten Camping Extras

While we can’t bring everything with us when we travel in our RV we sure can try. However, it is important to be mindful of your camper’s carrying capacities and weight limits. This top ten list should help you be more prepared to enjoy your camping excursion.

Carry an extra drinking water hose just in case you can’t quite reach the water hookup. An extra fifty foot drinking water hose might help you avoid moving your RV and let you park right where you would like to be.

Water pressure regulators are essential in protecting your RV water lines from too much pressure. However, when one fails your shower could be more like a sprinkle. These little items are easy to leave behind, but always having an extra on hand could save a lot of time and damage to your RV.

30M-50F or 50M-30F adapters are needed more often than not, as campsites usually don’t have one of each kind of plug-in the same power pedestal. It’s up to you to adapt your plug to fit the pedestal or find another site more suited to your needs.

Packing For That Family Hunting

Seven items I don’t leave home without.

So it’s coming up on that time of year fast, and whatever game you are pursuing you will want some ideas of what to treat your kids to while out and about. Survivalists all recommend while out in the wild you make sure you have extensive access to food and water, many of the areas we hunt in provide very little forage should you get lost so always pack extra food, you may be glad you have it.

  1. Granola Bars– Like them or not, you may be glad you have them should you get lost. They are easy to keep and last well. I pack five per day I’m going to be out in various flavors, like oatmeal raisin, smores, and chocolate chip are my favorite.
  2. Dehydrated Meals– Okay, so everyone hates these guys. You don’t have to eat them, but pack them anyway, and pack enough for three weeks. They are light, and easy to keep as well. Having enough may mean life or death for your family should your trip go longer than expected. I stay away from the weird flavors like cheese cake, but meats and pastas

Grand River Family Fishing Trip

Discover family fishing on the the Grand River with over 80 different types of fish. This beautiful river winds through a series of small towns with a vast pristine wilderness. This nearby watershed offers an excellent day of fishing for all ages and skill level.

Three favorite fishing sections are: Glen Morris to Paris, Paris to Brant Park and Brant Park to the Cockshutt Bridge. Each of the sections are different. Glen Morris offers smallmouth bass, Paris has trout and bass… and Cockshutt has bass & walleye.

A unique way to fish these three sections is with platform rafts. On the Grand River near Paris, there are presently two rafting companies offering family floats for bass, trout and pickerel. The drift boats are platform-rafts with swivel deck chairs. The slow drift of these rafts allow fisherman to thoroughly fish the stone-bottom pools. The platforms can accommodate up to 4 people with spin cast rods or two people fly-fishing.

The following is a description of a typical fishing trip on the Grand experienced by a father & son from Toronto:

I arrived in the small

Vacation Movies To Watch Before You Plan Your

Summer is here and for many families that means it is time for an annual family vacation. Nice weather and a break from time commitments like school make summer a great day to enjoy some time away with the family. Gather your family and watch one of these five family vacation movies before you begin your own journey.

“National Lampoon’s Vacation” is a must-see family vacation movie. Clark Griswold has planned the perfect vacation for his family. They plan to travel form Chicago, where they live, to the Wally World theme park in Los Angeles. Unfortunately, Clark’s careful planning and good intentions are not enough to keep their vacation on track. They run into trouble and keep viewers laughing the entire way.

2. RV
“RV” is another vacation movie where the family gets into trouble as they travel across the country. Bob Munro plans to take his family to Hawaii, but a work commitment causes a change in plans. Rather than let his family know, he decides to incorporate his work commitment into the vacation and rent an RV for his family vacation. A lack of

Surviving the Family Road Trip

I don’t know if you’ve ever traveled with kids but on a road trip it can get bad. But with a little careful planning you and your kids can have a wonderful time. If you don’t have one I strongly suggest you purchase a good quality global positioning system so you can be directed right to Aunt Gertrude’s back door. A good quality GPS can save you time and frustration especially when your going to a distant city or other location where you’ve never been. Just program in the address where your going and the GPS will usually take you with in a few feet of your destination.

Be sure that you stop smart. When you stop at a rest stop insist that each person including the children wash their hands before they return to the car. You can keep a container of sanitary hand soap and a box of baby wipes to clean up any mess. Also be sure to keep a roll of paper towels in the car and have another roll in the trunk for back up.

Beat the boredom of the road by bringing coloring cooks,

How to Make Family Road Trips Unforgettable

If money is tight this summer but you still want to have a few nice family outings, maybe it’s time to rediscover an American classic getaway: road trips.

Imagine the endless possibilities presented by all those roads stretching out in every direction from your home; scenic drives so beautiful they rekindle your love of the land; cute little towns and oddball road side attractions; missed exit ramps; spilled drinks on the cloth seats; cranky young’uns who just want to go home to their computer.

Is it possible to take the whole family on a car trip without tears or tantrums?

After many hundreds of road trips across this great land, I’d like to share with you some tips for increasing the fun and reducing the frazzle on family trips.

Tips for Better Road Trips

Keep it short and sweet. Make a list of destinations within 100 miles of home where your family has never been. Get the kids involved in whittling it down to their favorites and plan to tackle one or two every weekend. If you run out of ideas, pick up some brochures at the local tourist information center. Maybe you’ll

Tips For Family Road trip

So you are planning to go on a vacation by road this year. That’s nice. However prior planning comes in real handy, especially when you have small children on board and are planning to take your pet too (you’ll see that is one of the advantages of going by road trip).

Traveling by road can be fun or tedious and monotonous depending upon your planning. The best time to hit the roads is early morning as you get a head start with less traffic and little pollution. So here are few tips that will make your road-trip vacation a memorable experience.

  1. Mode of transport: Deciding whether you want to hire a matador, take your own car, hire rent-a-car services, or take a bus is an important and a basic thing while planning a family road trip. If you are planning to take your car then remember to get it serviced well before the planned vacation so that it is ready when you want to go for your vacation. Also ensure that your car is a comfortable one for a road trip as the trip can be tiring for both children and adults.
  2. Driving decision: OK! So you

Easy Snack Foods For Your Family Camping

With the economy in a turmoil, many people are foregoing lavish vacations this year. That doesn’t mean they’re not planning to take the family on vacation though, instead they’re choosing more inexpensive and economic travel choices. And one of the most popular vacations many families are choosing this year is the old-fashioned family tent camping trip.

Anyone who has not taken their family camping before has a few things to learn before they set out though. And one of the most important items, is figuring how how the family will eat while they’re out camping in the wilderness. Some food keeps much better than others do, and even if you’re camping in a somewhat popular area such as a state park campground, you will not have many of the standard modern conveniences you have at home. Namely: There will be no refrigerator to keep your food in.

There are many easily portable foods which keep well naturally though, and these are the types of things you should pack for your family camping trip. Keep in mind that the foods you choose to take on your camping trip may vary based on whether you have small children